Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stay Tuned...

The journeys begin again in June so stay tuned. I will be headed to Bangalore, India, for a site visit and then from there to Philadelphia, PA, for a training. In mid-July, I will be flying to Kampala, Uganda for two weeks and am looking forward to seeing my old graduate advisor who moved her whole family to Uganda (husband and four sons). In August, I am looking forward to going back to Kenya and can hopefully fit in some additional site seeing. This is to just give you a taste so you don't forget to check out the blog. I haven't forgot and will keep you posted, but I figured my faithful readers did not need to hear of all my happening in the local area.

Although, I do want to inform you that I finished my first ever running race. It was a 10k (6.1 mile) run down Rockville Pike from Shady Grove Metro to White Flint Mall. It was a relatively easy race (so some say). My results are as follows:

Place--1231 Number--2500 Gun Time--1:18:34 Net Time--1:14:19 Pace--11:58

And here is the picture to prove it: